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Fleet Race Archive

2023 March フリートレース

2023 March Fleet Race


2022 December フリートレース

December Fleet Race

December 17th was a fleet race.


2022 November フリートレース

November Fleet Race

November 13th was a fleet race. It was no-race.

11月13日はフリートレースでした。 結果はノーレースとなりました。

2022 September フリートレース

September Fleet Race

September 11th was a fleet race. Winner was Arther! Congratulations.


2022 August フリートレース

August Fleet Race

August 28th was a fleet race. The winner was Mr. Arther! congratulations!


2022 July フリートレース

July Fleet Race

July 7th was a fleet race. The winner was Mr. Naito! congratulations!


2022 June フリートレース

June Fleet Race

June 12th was a fleet race. Mr. Nagamoto who participated in the victory from Shimonoseki! Congratulations.


2022 May フリートレース

May Fleet Race

May 8th was a fleet race. The winner is Mr. Tsutsumi! Congratulations.


2022 April フリートレース

April Fleet Race

April 10th was a fleet race. The winner was Mr. Naito! congratulations!


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2022 March フリートレース

March Fleet Race

March 12th was the general meeting and 13th was the fleet race. In a nice breeze, three races were held and the winner was Mr. Oi, who was transferred to Ibaraki this spring! Congratulations.


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