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SCHOOL & Sailing Team

Before joining the yacht club, we want you to know about the world of yachts, so at Cape House, we have a one-day experience and practice to improve sailing skills with a team called Yamaguchi Sailing Team. Everyone is a beginner at first.

Divided into 3 courses, junior, youth , and general, we are enjoying sailing toward each goal. Why don't you try something new? Club members will carefully guide you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us from the inquiry page.


1 day yacht experience

Single-seater yacht / powerboat

I want to touch the yacht, I want to try new things! Recommended for such people.

Would you like to experience a trial yacht?


Youth U25 Team

Laser radial, standard

We are looking for players who want to try new things after becoming high school and college students!

​ Sailing, where tickets to all Japan and world championships are easy to obtain, is only after standing on the world stage. By all means, young people who want to fly to the world should join the youth sailing team!


Junior yacht club

OP, Laser 4.7 

I want to touch the yacht, I want to try new things! We are looking for children from the 3rd grade of elementary school to the 3rd grade of junior high school.

You can learn your own limits and the power of nature from the sea while interacting with nature. There is no doubt that you will become a promising human resource in the future!


Sailing team

​​Laser radial, standard

I've been on a yacht a long time ago, I want to touch a yacht, I want to try new things! Recommended for such people.

Becoming an adult and having a meaningful hobby in an independent lifestyle will change the vividness of life ✨

By all means, let's devote ourselves to sailing and connect with the world!

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