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2023 September フリートレース

September Fleet Race


September 10th was a fleet race. The winner was Mr. Massan! congratulations!

2023 September  フリートレース




September Fleet Race
 In the still hot and humid weather, eight boats entered in the event, including the Kanto Branch's Massan and Miao. The eve of the event was a big party, and it seemed to be as exciting as a summer party.
 Mr. and Mrs. Furukawa were the first to board the management boat, and they watched the race from the start of the first race to the rounding of the sidemark. It was the first time for both of them to see a sailing race up close, and all the members complimented them on how cool they looked.
 In the races, the wind was a little light, but with Massin's specialty, light winds, he was able to keep a good grasp of the blow and sea surface conditions and was in the lead from the second to the fourth race with a steady race pace!
In the final race, Tsutsumi could have won the race if she had finished first, but Massin took advantage of the right-side blow from the start to take a big lead. He won this month's race, which was filled with strong competitors, to take the win.
 When we arrived at the boat, we found that Mr. Harada had made a big bowl of fried rice, and we were even treated to a hot sandwich by Mr. Kazu, so we had a great time after the race.

 The battle at sea was quiet and hot, but the wind at sea was much cooler and I felt a hint of autumn. I was also able to feel the wind and tide for the first time in a while, which refreshed me. There are three more fleet races before the end of the year, and I hope everyone will join in the races!

 by Arthur

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