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2023 October フリートレース


The five boats were very brave, moving freely through the shaking waters, splashing in the water and moving freely.
With winds at 7 m/s and waves at 1.5 m, today's conditions were interesting and not too boring for those who know how to sail.
However, there were several chances to see the yacht recover even when the mast was just about to the surface, or to see the yacht deftly raise itself up even when it had flipped over. This was also a highlight.
I also learned a little more about strategy than just going forward. There was a strategy to take the wind out of the rival's sails at a distance where contact was likely, and a gamble to choose a left diagonal course while many were going right diagonally.
And I felt that there are frequent tucks and gybes, both during the race and while waiting. It is also busy to go through agilely while swinging up and down, left and right. (This also increases the difficulty level for me.)

Anyway, I could see that he was at one with the lasers and understood the wind and waves and rode them well.
After watching the boats for a little over two hours, my semicircular canals were still shaking when I got home, but I didn't have time to get seasick while watching the boats. I still admire lasers.

2023 October フリートレース


2時間ちょっとのボート観戦のあと、帰宅してもまだ私の三半規管は揺れていますが、観戦中は船酔いする暇ありませんでした。やっぱり、レーザー憧れます。 Chizu

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