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2023 August フリートレース


August Fleet Race
 The event was held in quite hot weather with 8 boats entered.
Mr. Tsukasa joined this year. His family also participated in the race on the management boat.
 A large group of up to six people were on the management boat to watch the race.

 The course this time was a sausage course, and the race started with the promise that after three races, a majority vote would be taken to decide whether a fourth race would be held.

 In the first three races, Mr. Naito led the race from start to finish.
 However, Mr. Tsukasa, who was competing for the first time, was in the top position many times.
 He is indeed an experienced racer! After the race, he declared his challenge to Naito-san again.
 Now for the fourth race, which was to be decided by majority vote.
 Since Mr. Gokou had attended the Yama University alumni meeting during the first three races and went to recruit volunteers for the upcoming Chinese Championships, he had to start from the fourth race. Therefore, the race committee chairman (me) decided to hold the fourth race at his own discretion with the approval of Mr. Naito, the leader, and Mr. Tsutsumi, the second place finisher.

 After the race, I apologize for making them feel so exhausted that they were unable to work the rest of the week.

 We are not trying to convince you, but please stay well hydrated when sailing in the heat and enjoy sailing without overexerting yourself.
 The above is from a captain who has hardly been able to participate in the event that is an event.

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2023 August フリートレース






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