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2022 November フリートレース

November Fleet Race

11月13日はフリートレースでした。 結果はノーレースとなりました。

November 13th was a fleet race. It was no-race.

2022 November フリートレース


No wind in the morning according to the GPV weather forecast
The forecast was for a northwest wind of 8m from 2pm.
Yesterday, the players did not gather from the morning, so Arthur from the committee participated as a player, and Mr. Motohiro suddenly helped with the operation, and Tsutsumi was appointed chairman of the steering committee, which he had never done before. . I've never done anything with a length before, so I was nervous and forgot to take a picture.
There were three athletes, Mr. Naito, Mr. Sakka, and Mr. Arthur, and the committee members were Tsutsumi, Mr. Motohiro, and Kana Yamada from Yamaguchi University. After returning and having lunch at noon, I was waiting for the wind at 2:00 pm. , As soon as I raised the class, Mr. Sakka sank in the tetrapod, retired, Mr. Arthur
sudden retirement,
Mr. Naito was left alone, and unfortunately the fleet race in November was no race. Thank you very much to all the players and the management. But Tsutsumi was fun.

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