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2022 June フリートレース

June Fleet Race


June 12th was a fleet race. Mr. Nagamoto who participated in the victory from Shimonoseki! Congratulations.

2022 June フリートレース






The rain on the previous day went up brilliantly, and in the good sunlight and refreshing breeze, a heated race was held with guests Nagamoto, Tommy, and Otani.

The committee was held by Kei-chan and Kotaro. In the fast-paced wind, I was eager to raise the anchor while giving respect to Kei-chan, who set the course accurately. I will study the management well. .. ..

For the race, it started with a weak wind of about 2m / s, and a good wind of about 6m / s blew on the final 4R. Mr. Nagamoto, who did, took the victory.

Tommy and Otani also seemed to have demonstrated the results of their training, and the beautiful sailing was very helpful.

I hope the rainy season will be over by the race in July. See you all at sea again!
Coater low

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