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2022 July フリートレース

July Fleet Race


July 7th was a fleet race. The winner was Mr. Naito! congratulations!

2022 July フリートレース

前日のサマーパーティのアルコールも少々抜けきれぬまま?7月度フリートレース成立しました。8艇のエントリー、運営は内藤YUKI選手のフィアンセ、はるさん(レーザー乗りには覚えやすいお名前ですね)にお手伝いいただきました。 予報では5m/s前後と出ていて、ちょっと長めのコースを引いたのですが、第1レース直前に風は落ちるは風向は振れるはでマーク2回打ち替えですでにヘロヘロでしたが、なんとかその後はほぼ風も安定して3レース実施できました。コーヂー選手のセイリングが光り、第1レーストップ、第3レースは2位目で最後内藤Kさんにかわされ3位でしたが、ちょっとセイルは大きかったものの、5〜6m吹く中ではツワモノ集団の中にありながら光っていました。

コミッティ:たぁ はるさん

Little bit feeling hangover from the summer party the day before? July's fleet race was held on the 17th. The race operation of the eight boats was helped by YUKI Naito's fiance, Haru-san (a name that is easy to remember for a laser sailor). According to the forecast, wind was around 5m/s, so I set a slightly longer course, but just before the first race, the wind fell and the wind direction was rapidly changed, and the mark was changed twice and I was definitely tired. After that, the wind was stable and we were able to carry out 3 races. The sailing of Kodi- was shining, and in the 1st race top and the 3rd race, he was in 2nd place and was overtaken by Mr. Naito.K at the end. He was shining during today's race series.
Haru-san helped me with the start flag control and anchor rope handling, which was very helpful. Thank you very much. It was very difficult alone.

Committee: Ta- / haru-san

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