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2022 April フリートレース

April Fleet Race


April 10th was a fleet race. The winner was Mr. Naito! congratulations!

2022 April フリートレース

① ナイトウ
② アーサー
③ ツツミ
④ モトヒロ
⑤ サッカ
⑥ コーヂ
コミッティー タァ、シン
130°→100° 1→4 m/s
4R成立 11:05〜15:00

After 2R, Naito was the top with 1.1. Everyone is doing their best even though the wind is weak. In the 1st round, even though there was no wind, I set a long climb, so I'm sure I'm tired of it. I said I'm going to do 4R today, but I wonder if everyone wants to stop it anymore. Thinking about it, I saw off everyone's back after the 3R start toward the upper mark.
However, as expected, the members are full of laser ships! Everyone was racing with no sontaku, which wasn't a squeeze of legs as much as possible! Especially Arthur. Calmly calculate your score, 3R is the top finish of the whole body. If you notice, Arthur may be the winner depending on the result of the final race. As expected, the upper ranks noticed that before the start of 4R, the wind climbed up to 3-4m / s, and instead of slumping, everyone was enthusiastic. After the start, Tsutsumi pulled the fleet, went around 2 and on the last running leg, followed by Arthur and Naito to the lower mark. Arthur desperately tries to overtake Tsutsumi, but Tsutsumi skillfully dodges him, and Naito is cheering for him from the 3rd place. And finally, Tsutsumi showed his will and finished the top. Arthur did not reach it slightly and finished in 2nd place, and Naito finished in 3rd place with a smile.
It was a free race in April that started in Gudaguda due to a management mistake that pulled a long course even though there was no wind, but despite the concern of management, all the players faced each race without losing concentration until the end. I knew what I was doing by looking at everyone's faces at the finish. It's been a long time since I was racing in the sea with a laser, but it's fun to play seriously!
It was a day that reminded me again. You can enjoy it many times while watching the video of Ta-san's cool drone.
Thank you for a great day!
April free trace results
① Naito
② Arser
③ Tsutsumi
④ Motohiro
⑤ Sakka
⑥ Koji
Committee Ta, Shin
130 ° → 100 ° 1 → 4 m / s
4R established 11: 05-15: 00

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