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2022 May フリートレース

May Fleet Race


May 8th was a fleet race. The winner is Mr. Tsutsumi! Congratulations.

2022 May フリートレース





May free trace
The temperature was gradually rising, and it was a good season for sailing.
The committee consists of three ”KOU", Ko-chan, Koji, and Kocchi. Since Ko-chan has a lot of management experience, it was a division of roles like raising an anchor and raising this one.

By the way, regarding the race, it was a race in which all the participating boats developed a close battle on the course of about 30 minutes per race, and the development was not decided until the very end.
It was a close battle where the tops changed until the 3rd round, but Mr. Tsutsumi, who took the top at the end, won the championship brilliantly.

During the race, Konomi's petite sailing course was held on the management boat, and while watching the race development of the free tracers, they were given hints on how to make a race plan.

It's been a long time since I've run it, but when I look at the race objectively, I was able to simulate that I would be messed up around here, and I learned one more thing.

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