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2022 March フリートレース

March Fleet Race


March 12th was the general meeting and 13th was the fleet race. In a nice breeze, three races were held and the winner was Mr. Oi, who was transferred to Ibaraki this spring! Congratulations.

2022 March フリートレース



After the general meeting on the previous day, we held a free trace in March on the 13th.
It was a race with 7 people including 2 members who joined. I'm Konomi Nakayama and Kei Nakayama, thank you. The condition was a race in the eastern wind 4-6m / s.
Is it a little cold? I thought, but I was so hot that I could race 3 races without feeling the cold.
It's my personal impression, but I'm glad I was able to cut the finish line safely without sinking in the first laser race (^^)
After finishing 3 races and going up to the beach, everyone was tired...

After the renovation, we chewed the rest of the oden yesterday evening and held an awards ceremony.
Congratulations to Mr. Oi (Massan)!
Thank you very much for living in Yamaguchi!
Please come to the race again ~

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